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    Rasgulla: Divali’s special

    Cook time : 20 mins | Preparation : 30 mins | Serving : 8 persons  | Course : dessert | Difficulty : Medium | Dietary : vegetarian
    Rasgulla is one of the most popular Indian sweets that needs no introduction. It’s also the Mauritian favorites usually consumed during the celebration of light which is a perfect occasion to indulge in this spongy mouth-watering treat! From kids to elders, no one can resist a bite of this sweet delight! The making of Rasgulla is a delicate one, be sure to follow the right steps to get the best Rasgulla! 


    For the syrup:

    1 cup (250ml) sugar

    1 cup of water

    3 cardamom

    1 tablespoon lemon juice

    For the Rasgulla balls:

    9 tablespoons of milk powder

    3 ½ tablespoon plain flour

    1 teaspoon semolina

    Pinch of banking soda

    1 tablespoon ghee

    1 teaspoon lemon juice

    5 tablespoons milk


    For the syrup: 

    In a pan add the sugar to a cup of water and let it boil. Simmer for 4-5 minutes until the syrup turns slightly viscous.

    Add the cardamom and stir slowly. Then add the lemon juice to stop the crystallisation process.

    Cover and keep aside.

    Rasgulla balls:

    1. Add the milk In a large mixing bowl, the semolina, and a pinch of salt.

    2. Mix the ghee and lemon juice and add it to the mixture until a crumble is obtained.

    3. Add milk slowly to the dry ingredients and knead until you get a smooth dough.

    4. Add some ghee to grease your hands and make small balls with the dough. Make sure there are no cracks in the balls.

    5. Heat the ghee and add fry the Rasgulla balls on low heat until golden brown

    6. Remove the Rasgullas and drop it into the syrup. Leave to rest for at least 2 hours. The Rasgullas should double up.

    Serving suggestions

    Leave in the fridge for 2 hours and serve chilled.

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